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Earlier this year, we exhibited at the Asiana Wedding Weekend and what a weekend it was! We know this is a majorly overdue post, but we really wanted all of you to know we met some incredible people over the two days , and we wanted to make sure you know of all these incredible people too - even if it was just virtually haha.

There was so much we wanted to say about all the lovely suppliers we met, so instead, we decided to ask each of them to give us 3 fun facts about their business, so you know everything you need to know! Here we go!!!


Brijwasi Events

1. Started with paan and developed the business from there

2. Now offers a Gelato Bar, Belgium Waffles and much more.

3. One of their most popular services is their Chai stand. 100% Authentic. 

Ann's Designer Cakes

1. Unique and innovative designs. Able to make Eggless cakes and fit all dietary requirements.

2. All cakes are creative, and they create the clients vision. They strongly believe no two cakes are the same. 

3. They once made an incredible statement cake of the London Sky Line (all edible!) 

Pina Events

1. Completely bespoke and create personal drink labels

2. They do UNLIMITED drinks packages

3. Create tailormade cocktails and menus




Creme Glacee

1. They are the only mobile gelato in London

2. They're exclusive in terms of mobility

3. They have recently introduced Ice Paan!





Rani Samra

"Finding the right makeup artist is like finding the right man - you just know".

1. Seeing the look of elation on the Bride's face is what keeps them going! 

2. Rani is self taught and has been doing this for over 20 years

3. Promotes the natural you!

4. She also makes sure she can help with last minute disasters, calm the Bride down before she makes her entrance and wants to be a friend!

Charmi Creations

1. Inspired by everything around her. Art, Holidays, Furniture etc.

2. Been doing this for over 15 years!

3. Her USP is that Charmi Creations is not a shop, they're a Residential Boutique. They do in house fittings with their Italian tailor and alterations can be done on the spot. 

The Jodhpur Company

1. Hunting & Home Riding Attire

2. Family Tailors in Rajastan - reviving heritage

3. The buttons say Courage & Confidence - very intricate details

The Jodhpur Company believes "weddings should be drenched with heritage and culture." There are separate tailors for each aspect and detail.

Glitterati Jewels

1. Brand represents Shellini, founder of Glitterati Jewels, and her personality. 

2. Jewellery is inspired by Mumbai and Bollywood

3. All started off as a Hobby and 2 years later is a thriving businesses!

Kajal's Couture

1. Values high customer service and honesty. Will be honest if it sucks or if it is hot!

2. Loves and is motivated by the feeling of how beautiful Bride's look and feel in their outfit

3. Has been doing this for 11 years and loves Fabric. Kajal in a fabric store is like a child in a toy store!

Roshni Hair & Make Up

Roshni Hair & Makeup focuses on enhancing natural beauty focusing on 4 main elements:

Natural, Self, Elegant, Creative!

Roots Jewellery

Roots Jewellery is influenced by heritage. Taking the essence of their jewellery back to their roots, Roots Jewellery is inspired by nature and classic designs.


Neetika's Couture

1. Outfits are sourced from Lucknow. The housewives in the town sit in their homes and do the Chikinkari stiches as seen in some of her designs. All inspired by Mughal times! Neetika wants to revive this type of style here in the UK.

2. Neetika believes all pieces of clothing are a peice of art!

3. Each design has been 100% designed by Neetika herself, where each outfit is a special masterpiece for each client. 


Chigwell Hall & Marquee

1. Can accomodate between 100 - 1000 guests 

2. Free parking on site for over 1000 cars

3. The venue is made up of over 42 acres of land!

Bonus fact: There are technically 5 venues on site - 3 inside the building, 2 marquees and 1 lounge 

Meridian Grand

1. 2017 was an amazing year for them as they lunched their new decor and entertainment business - Midnight Garden, allowing them to cover whatever the Bride wants

2. In 2 years, the size of their event management team has quadrupled

3. Every Bride has a dream venue - coming up and down the 2 marble staircases was founder, Nikkita's, dream 


Zohaib Ali Photography

1. They only select a certain number of jobs a year... usually being 25. Allows them to have a close relationship with their clients

2. Every album has a lifetime waranty

3. He got over 106,000 shares on facebook from portraits of Fauja Singh, the oldest marathon runner

Bonus fact: He is a WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) award winner.

The Directors Cut

1. They specialise in emotions and capturing raw moments

2. They have a behind the scenes Instagram to show their fun, crazy team!

3. They do a lot of destination weddings so are abroad a lot.

Bonus fact: Their most memorable shoot was in Mauritius 

Solanki Photography

1. They add a unique touch to go above and beyond, ensuring there is a personal touch!

2. They've done quite a few destination weddings, including Venice, Paris and Portugal!

3. Their favourite part of the job is the pre-shoots! They get to know the couple and it allows them to be the same.


Blossoms in Bloom

1. Founder Harpreet has worked on the business all by herself, so each element of Blossoms in Bloom has a personal touch to it.

2. They once spent 5-6 Hours setting up an event on site for 40 tables. It's not as easy as it looks!

3. Harpreet's mum is her anchor and really helps calm her down.

We loved their work, especially the cute earrings they wore and made from fresh flowers!

Nishel Creations

1. Uses 100% Natural and Organic Mendhi!

2. Also does body painting and body glitter

3. Uses Bride's outfits as inpiration for Bridal Mendhi, but also can use patterns from around the world as she has travelled to mant places.

Doves & Peacocks

1. All designs and everything created is completely bespoke to the client. Nishma truly believes that everything starts with a good idea.

2. All designs are actually completely from scratch! Some designs can even take up to a month to finish.

3. The nicest thing she has produced were keychain bottle openers. They produced 400 which were sold and the money was all donated to charity. 

Silver Peacock Events

1. Started off at a beach in Goa

2. The team is special and wacky is an understatement

3. They are quirky and perfectionists and every day is different

Pandit Rajiv Sharma

1. Does all types of Indian Weddings.

2. Speaks good English and can do weddings abroad 

3. He is a walking, talking encyclopedia (and can tell the future!)


Futty Mania

If you are footy-mad, then this is deifnitely for you!

1. Enjoyable

2. Football orientated sports

3. Unique & Bespoke

Human table football!

Sky Magician

1. Pritpal believes the best thing about magic is that you make a friend out of a stranger

2. He once went to Marrakech, did some magic and as a result got a free premium hotel.

3. He started when he saw David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China

4. He travels the world doing magic


1. Completely bespoke from fire acts to lollipops

2. Able to do entertainment for all themes, with costumes and ideas

3. Completely unique!

Musical Movements

1. One of the Founders, Nainesh Patel, also known as DJ Rugrat, started at 13!

2. Most memorable event is the festival they DJ'd at in Chaing Mai

3. There are 13 DJs in the team and they are all out every night at different events

Musical Movements never sleeps! DJing in the evening and making mixes in the day!

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