14 Cute & Cheesy Captions For Your

First Married Post on Social Media

Ok, so we're in a generation where we pretty much document every single thing about our lives. Sometimes this is a blessing - somethings not so much.

For couples, it is so nice to connect and share special moments with people all over the world, and in your life - those romantic moments, surprises and sometimes just a cute photo. (Although, we all know a few couples that could maybe share a little less! lol!)... but anyway, we think the first married picture is cute no matter what! No matter what the photo is, whether it's one from the wedding, a selfie, a honeymoon picture... having a good caption is EVERYTHING! 

Even some of the most amazing Instagram Couples still need some inspiration so we've come up with 14 of our favourite cute and cheesy captions that can express exactly how you'd be feeling when you upload that photo. 


Warning: Some of these cheesy captions may make you vom, but when you're looking for a caption for your own married post

- thank us later!


1. He stole my heart, so I stole his last name!

2. Just vowed to love each other’s weirdness for life!

3. He asked.. She said yes.. They said I DO




4. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

5. Marriage lets you annoy one very special person for the rest of your life

6. “What do you wanna marry me for anyhow?” “So I could kiss you anytime I want.” – Sweet Home Alabama.




7. And so, the adventure begins.

8. Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.

9. “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

10. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”




11. “Marriage is like a fine wine, if tended properly, it just gets better with age.”

12. “True story… Once upon a time there lived a wife with the most incredible husband ever… The End.”

13. You don't marry the person you can live with. You marry the person who you cannot live without."

14. Here’s to love and laughter and a happily ever after!



We'd love to know your suggestions and if you've recently got married... what was your caption?


Lots of Love,

Saheli x

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