Meridian Grand Exterior

Meridian Grand Exteriror: Photography by PicturThat

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Only 3 words come to mind when I think of Meridian Grand; luxurious, elegant, timeless.

Just as they describe themselves.

The prestigious venue is situated in the heart of North London and is one of the most beautiful places to get married. If the Hollywood-esque marble staircases don’t win you over, then the STUNNING Swarovski chandeliers certainly will!

Photography by: The VIP Studio

Entrance Foyer: Photography by The VIP Studio

I had the pleasure of being part of the Meridian Grand team for just under 2 years, and I can tell you, it has definitely set the bar high!!

Meridian Grand features 2 incredibly spacious ballrooms (which, by the way, are pillar-less), that can be combined into one large ballroom. With the ability to hold over 800 guests, Meridian Grand is perfect for large scale events, such as Asian weddings (including Punjabi, Gujarati, Sri Lankan and Bengali weddings), Turkish weddings and even corporate events. The venue is fully licensed for Civil Ceremonies, which is extremely ideal for those of you who want to have your religious ceremony and registry on the same day! The Infinity Suite and The Eternity Suite are two smaller suites on the first floor, perfect for intimate and personal registries or smaller events.

The ballrooms and suites are SUPER modern! They are well equipped with the bespoke mood lighting (with over 270 colours) and projection facilities, allowing you to personalise the room to your event with logos, pictures, welcome messages or whatever else you'd like.

Grand Ballroom Meridian Grand

The Grand Ballroom: Photography by The VIP Studio

Meridian Ballroom in Meridian Grand

The Meridian Ballroom: Photography by The VIP Studio

What I personally loved the most, is that the venue’s neutral and classic interiors allowed me to tap into my creativity and imagination to create one-of-a-kind events for each client. The service, the staff, the food and THE PARKING was all just a bonus!!


Now… moving on to my FAVOURITE room in the building:The Bridal Suites.

Ok, so first of all, these Bridal Suites are fully kitted out, they aren’t just box rooms with a mirror. I’m talking crystal buttoned chesterfield furniture, a TV, an en-suite with a shower, a safe and even Bluetooth – so all you brides (and grooms) can listen to your favourite songs as you get ready. If that's not enough, the Bridal Suites also have a balcony, which means you can keep an eye on the set up downstairs while you get ready!


The prices of the venue vary depending on the date, guest numbers and times you wish to hire, but MG’s extremely helpful and friendly staff can give you some rough guidelines over the phone.


Meridian Grand Bridal Suites

Bridal Suites: Photography by Anagelya


Meridian Grand hosted an Asian Wedding show at the end of last month, where they launched their sister company – Midnight Garden. Midnight Garden works with you and your imagination to create an experience for your special day. They do this by combining 4 of the main elements to any event; cuisine, design, decor and entertainment. 

The team say:

“Our “Midnight” is the time the clock strikes as reality slips away and creativity takes over. Our aspiration is to bring the Midnight Garden of your imagination to life. Inspired by your dreams, we will style a bespoke event concept for you. The possibilities, like your imagination, are limitless.”

You officially don’t need to look elsewhere!

North London’s Best Kept Secret, Meridian Grand!


Lots of love,

Saheli x


Address: Meridian Grand,

Advent Way,

London, N18 3AF


Address: Meridian Grand,

Advent Way,

London, N18 3AF

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