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He Was From London, She Was From Mumbai... Here Is The Modern Day Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Love Story:

Raj & Simi had a beautiful destination wedding in Hua Hin, Thailand. Celebrating their first anniversary just last week, Saheli Events decided to take them back to where it all began!

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Even though Simi lived in Mumbai, I used to travel to India quite often.  My cousin and Simi grew up together and my aunt is very good friends with Simi's mum. To be honest, although it was inevitable that Simi and I would meet, it felt like a true bollywood moment when we finally did.



For anyone that knows me, knows I love a good Shisha. So of course, for our first date, we went to a really nice roof top bar, looking over Marine Drive in Mumbai (I'm romantic no?), with some great Shisha and drinks.


How did he propose?

I took Simi back to the same roof top bar, hired an accoustic guitarist, a photographer and proposed where it all began. I made sure that everyone was free that evening, without any one knowing that I was going to propose and flew my parents and nani down from London, so we could all be together.

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Simi had attended her first cousins wedding at the Sheraton, Hua Hin and absolutely fell in love with the venue! I just wanted a resort that could cater for our needs and when Simi suggested this place, we realised that it was the perfect location for us. We knew 99% that we were going to have it at this venue before even stepping foot in the place.

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With Simi in India and Raj in London, what was the biggest challenge you both faced planning a wedding in neither of those countries?

This is a question we get asked a lot - with the language barrier and the distances from the location.

We were fortunate enough to have the absolute best wedding planners we could have asked for. They handled all of our wishes and made sure everything that we wanted was turned into a reality. We only went to Hua Hin once for a venue viewing and food tasting. The second time, we just had to go to Bangkok as everything was being brought into Hua Hin from there.

The rest was done over emails, phone calls, skype calls etc.


What was your favourite moment of the wedding?

Its hard to pin point one part.

SIMI: Doing my dance at the after party, the sangeet, everything.

RAJ: Too many to choose from, I loved welcoming the guests by dancing with them!

I loved Simi's surprise performance at our first after party, the pool party was so much fun! My friends and family put on the best sangeet dance I have ever seen in my life!!! I had an hour long baraat with everyone dancing infront of me, to a beautiful wedding and a great reception with amazing speeches. I cant give you a favourite moment - it was all just perfect.

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What was the most important thing to you both whilst planning the wedding?

SIMI: My outfits and the photos/videos. After everything, the only thing you can show your kids are the photos and videos so I really wanted it to be captured well.

RAJ: For me it was everything. I feel like I had GroomZilla moments. I have OCD and I'm a perfectionist. I wanted to make sure that all the guests that have taken time out of their busy lives to celebrate with us had a great time. I wanted the food to be amazing, the decor to look classy - the list goes on. I basically wanted everything perfect.


If you had to give some advice to a newly engaged couple, what would your top 3 tips for planning a destination wedding be?

1. Find the right wedding planners.

2. Find a hotel which is wedding friendly (there are many that are not catered towards weddings)

3. Be wary of unexpected costs that might come at the end. There are always random additional costs that you never think of - but will creep up on you, just be aware that this may happen.


If you could do anything differently, what would it be?

We wouldn't change anything. It was the best 4 days of our lives.

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Resort and Wedding Destination: Sheraton, Hua Hin
Wedding Planners: Magnificence Events
Caterers: The Sheraton, Hua Hin
Decorators: Oriental Events
DJ: DJ Kumar Swamy
Photographer: Photo Tantra
Videographer: Dhoom Dhaam Weddings
Make Up Artist:Simran Takkar
Hair Stylist: Art Adison




Lots of Love,

Saheli x

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