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Frequently Asked Questions

My venue / caterer is providing me with an event manager so why would we need you?

Venue and catering coordinators are great and really helpful on the day, however they need to focus on their specific side of things. Your event manager from the venue will be taking care of venue related logistics and the caterer will be managing things from a food perspective. We are there for you as a couple and your needs. We take care of whatever you and your family need on the day to ensure you all feel part of the day and enjoy it.

If we book your planning or coordination services, will I still get to feel involved with the event?

Absolutely! Our services are tailored to your needs and personality. You are able to be as involved as you need to be to ensure the event showcases you in the way you imagine. We are simply there to ensure all the boring elements of the planning are taken away, so not only do you enjoy the day, but you enjoy the planning process as well

My family and friends are super organised and can coordinate the event for me

Family and friends are always willing to help and ensure your day runs smoothly, however, as they are attending the event as well as coordinating, it can become rather overwhelming for them and they tend to not actually enjoy it themselves on the day. The last thing you want is your parents and family members running around when they should be celebrating with you. We are there to look after your family members, as well as you, to provide you all with a stress-free day

I have already started my planning…

It is absolutely fine if you have started on your planning. We can tailor the planning service according to what you need assistance with. More often than not, we find clients have started the planning journey and soon realise it’s all become a little too much. Our role is not to take over, but to understand your needs and provide you with easy solutions to create your dream event within the budget you have allocated

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