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Groom’s 12 tips to help you stay on your brides good side

By May 22, 2020June 4th, 2020No Comments
12 things Stay on Bride's good side Bridal Survival kit with Saheli events

You may have planned the most epic proposal, bought her dream ring and somehow, someway convinced her you’re the one for her to say yes! But, that does not mean your hard work can now end. In fact, this is just the beginning.

Your bride, more often than not, has been waiting for this moment! It’s finally her turn to create what she thinks is the most perfect wedding. Whether that is intimate and traditional or the BIG shebang, you are not going to get in the way of it.

One of the best ways to make sure you, The Groom, have the best and most happiest wedding days is by staying on the Bride’s good side. These few tips will also help you be a TOP groom overall.

1. Announce your engagement and gloat a little about it

Your engagement is a huge deal, and your Bride will love nothing more than knowing how excited you really are to get married. The best way to show this is by sharing the news with all your family and friends. A cute social media post or a few phone calls… whatever suits you!

2. Don’t go AWOL during wedding planning

Just because you’ve proposed now, doesn’t mean that you can just take a step back and let her plan the wedding of her dreams. Be involved. Find out what’s going on. Do your part. For example, take a look at the multiple spreadsheets, make sure you’re staying within the budget, create your guestlist when you need it. Also, make it an event you’ll enjoy too and throw in your ideas.

3. Don’t miss vendor meetings

Vendor meetings are super important. You get a real sense of what your event will be based on the suppliers that will be present. Their finish, their ideas, their work ethic – all of it affects your event. Vendor meetings can be quite overwhelming as executive decisions need to be made. So don’t leave the pressure all on her and make the decisions together.

4. Avoid saying ‘I don’t care’

As mentioned above, make your BOTH your days. The worst thing could do. If she is asking your opinion on the colour of the flowers, or the table covers or whatever it is – make a choice. Most of the time it will be over something you probably will never need to think about again but there is a reason she is asking and hearing ‘I don’t care’ will just frustrate her (more).

5. Have the ‘Groomsmen Talk’

Having ‘The Talk’ is SUPER SUPER essential. Although all the lads will be together, this is far from a lads night. So make sure you ensure they’re on their best behaviour and they only tell family appropriate embarrassing stories.

6. Be a good middle man between your family and their ideas, and your fiancé

Your mum, sisters, and other family members are likely to have ideas and things they think would be nice for the wedding. However, with wedding pressure, sometimes it can feel like they are trying to take over. So be a good middle man between them. You really don’t want to risk any arguments or family conflicts. It is all about strong communication and you need to take responsibility for it.

7. Drink wisely

Every single guest will want a drink with you and your Bride. They want to celebrate with you, cheers a glass of Champagne, have a shot and that is dangerous! So count the drinks you’re having. Usually, you don’t get to eat much at your own events, so you don’t want to risk being ‘that Groom that was smashed’. The last thing you want is to embarrass yourself, your family or your new wife on the wedding day.

8. Offer to share the workload

You’re both working, both have a social life and there are a billion other things you guys need to do other than plan this wedding. So check in with her, ask her if she needs help, split the work. For example, you can research and find the DJ while she looks for decorators. #SharingIsCaring.

9. Be comforting when something goes wrong!

Like in number 4, there are going to be a lot of things that you have less interest in. But these all important details not going to plan can make your Bride feel like it is the end of the world! So don’t just brush it under the carpet, be compassionate and remind her of the exciting life you have to come, and that that is the most important thing

10. Write the speech and vows

Do. Not. Wing. It.

The effort you put into it, no matter how short or long it is – will mean the world.

11. Make sure the honeymoon is epic

Your honeymoon is going to be a way both of you FINALLY get to celebrate. Not only that you’re married – but that this year of planning is finally over. So make it memorable. Plan out the activities and days, make sure she feels like she is in luxury, and just make it a trip that really focuses on both your likes and things you’ve always wanted to do together. You don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money for an epic honeymoon… you just need to really plan it out.

12. Do not become the Groomzilla

Now… we all know how much we don’t love a Bridezilla – but a Groomzilla is 100 times worse.

Brides, if your Groom is one, then I guess this list is for you.


Wedding planning, like marriage, takes the help of both of you – and she will want you to be part of the process to make it extra special.


Lots of love, Saheli x